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Acing your digital interview with 180DC UNSW

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Eugenie Hsieh is a third year student studying a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. As a Consulting Director, Eugenie carries with her a wealth of experience and is here to share her wisdom on how to succeed with your upcoming digital interviews with 180DC UNSW.

Eugenie shares all about 180DC UNSW's upcoming recruitment

1. Please outline the roles you’ve taken up during your time in 180DC.

I became a Consultant at 180DC in my first year, second semester (back when we had and took semesters for granted). Exactly a year after, I moved into the Project Leader role, and then became Consulting Director. Each role has given me a completely different experience and skillset so I’d definitely recommend joining 180DC, especially if you have a vision to become a PL/CD in the future - it’s worth it.

2. What should I expect from this project cycle’s digital recruitment? Are there any drastic differences with digital interviews as opposed to face-to-face interviews?

We’ve designed this recruitment round to be as similar as face-to-face interviews as possible. The main change is having fewer interviewees in each group to cater to the difficulty of online communication. Besides that, the structure will be the same, with a behavioural and case crack.

3. What qualities do CDs look for when interviewing potential candidates?

We mainly look for two things - a genuine interest in the social impact that 180DC facilitates, and a drive to learn the hard and soft skills taught by 180DC. It is these two things together that ensure you grow in this role and standout. As a Consultant, you’ll also be working with a team of talented and driven peers so we are on the lookout for team players who can not only contribute but facilitate discussion.

4. Do you have any tips on how candidates could prepare for their upcoming interviews?

Enjoy the interview! Interviews can feel daunting but it’s actually a great opportunity for us to get to know you and learn more about your interest in 180DC. As much as it is for us, it’s also for you to get more clarity on what the role is, and whether you do want to be a Consultant in 180DC. Further, if you’ve never done a case interview or case crack before, I’d definitely recommend looking into the way Consultants break down and structure their problems.

Recruitment has now closed for Project Cycle 2. We wish all candidates the best of luck with their digital recruitments.

For further tips, check out the videos on our event page!

If you missed out on applications, do not fret! Follow our social media pages to stay updated with our events and activities and keep your eyes peeled for recruitment for Project Cycle 1 in 2021.

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