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Our university-based Consultants and Project Leaders work in teams to conduct analysis and create innovative solutions to help clients achieve strategic and operational goals.

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Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting. 


180DC has been around for 11 years. We first started off as a small branch to test the waters and now we’re about 120 branches strong world-wide. It first started off as a simple way to connect young, like-minded individuals with real consulting experience as well as providing an avenue to deliver social impact. Now, at UNSW, we are that but so much more. We’ve continued to push the limits of what we can offer you all to truly enrich your own student experiences. Last year, we won the best branch globally award of 120+ branches as a reflection of how we challenge the status quo and our constant drive to do better by every stakeholder in the process, which leads me to our vision for this year. 

At the end of the day, what drives us continually and always our main focus is essentially our project consultants. Everything we have achieved to this day and how we continue to strive for the better is always about improving your own experience here at 180DC. 

To our consultants, take advantage of the fact that you’re surrounded by like minded individuals. Take advantage of all our training, mentoring as well as client engagement. Develop your professional skills far beyond any other student organisation and at the same time, have fun, enjoy yourselves.


I’ve created so many life long friends and mentors through my own journey and they continue to look after me well in my graduation year as I'm about to enter the workforce.


Thank you.

James Nguyen, 

President of 180DC UNSW, 2020. 


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