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Green Leaves



As President of 180DC UNSW in 2023, my vision for the society rests simply on continuing to strengthen and build our core mission, to allow our stakeholders all to reach their full potential.

180DC has an unparalleled value proposition for all of our key parties. By engaging in our projects, students are not only able to enhance their technical and soft skills through real-world client deliverables and interactions, but are able to do so whilst generating a tangible positive social impact. For our non-profit client-base, we deliver strong recommendations, guided by years of experience and our outstanding network of industry mentors across top-tier consulting firms. Through bridging the gap between these two entities, it is my vision that we will continue to ensure students receive personal and professional development opportunities, doing great work for the NFP and social enterprise space, to become the next generation of leaders.

Having personally undergone a variety of roles across my tenure at 180DC UNSW, I can safely say that my experience here has provided me with not only career prospects and development opportunities, but also a network of genuine and lifelong friendships. It’s my hope this year that all students embrace everything that comes with being a 180DC member, and make the most of all the challenges, opportunities, and people that come their way, feeling comfortable to lean on each other (and myself and the entire team!) as we grow together.

Thank you,

Celine Goh

Celine Goh, 2023 President


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