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Consultant Spotlight | Candice Lincon

------- Candice Lincon, 180 Degrees Consulting UNSW Consultant -------

Q: Hello Candice, please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Candice Lincon, I am currently a third year commerce (information systems) and law student studying at UNSW. I was born in Sydney, but I completed my high school education in Hong Kong. My recent work experiences include working at Westpac as business analyst and at the Cancer Council as a legal intern. I have always had a passion for social impact and have consistently been involved in activities and organisations that enabled me to make a difference within my community.

Q: What skills were you able to develop through your role as a 180DC consultant?

Throughout my involvement in various 180DC projects I was able to develop and refine my client interviewing, research, analytical and presentation skills. 180DC is dedicated to up-skilling their consultants. Whether it be through hosting a multitude of workshops to enhance consultant’s understanding of communication theories, frameworks and data analytics; or through the access to critical feedback from industry-recognised mentors. This coupled with the practical experience gained from working on projects provided me an opportunity to hone critical skills required to succeed in the world of management consulting.

Q: Were there any challenges you stumbled upon?

When I first started as a consultant, I had minimal knowledge regrading the most basic consulting frameworks, I hardly even understood what issue trees were and how to apply the principle of MECE. It was both challenging and daunting to be expected to help come up with a solution for a clients issue as a novice. Nevertheless, knowing I had the support of my team members and mentors, it was a challenge I embraced with determination and excitement.

Q. What is one piece of advice you have for students wanting to be a 180DC consultant?

Being a 180DDC consultant is truly an experience where you get out what you put in. The more you initiative you take throughout the project, the more opportunities to learn and make an impact. Within 180DC, everyone is in the same boat and is eager to help one another, don’t be afraid to reach out for help or advice from your PL, CD or other 180DC members.

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