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Exec Spotlight | Saloni Shingavi, Secretary

Q: Hello Saloni, please introduce yourself!

Hey! I am Secretary for 180 DC and joined at the beginning of 2018. I am studying Actuarial Studies and Statistics (basically a lot of math) at UNSW. Currently, I work as a Data Science Intern at J.P Morgan and prior to this, I was a Risk Management Intern at Macquarie Bank. I have always been passionate about social change and one of the best things about 180DC is being able to connect with other talented change makers!

Q. Why did you join 180DC?

I was looking to join a society where I would be given the opportunity to develop myself whilst working on projects that I’m passionate. The opportunity to work with not-for-profit organisations and deliver high-impact solutions really attracted me to the society. Furthermore, I was enticed by the chance to be connected with mentors from management consulting firms. Our mentors offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the problems we are trying to solve and are also always willing to help with our personal and professional development.

Q: What does your role as the 180DC UNSW Secretary involve?

The great thing about being Secretary is that my role is flexible and I can get involved in different aspects of the society. I attend weekly executive and operations meetings to ensure the smooth running of our society. Other tasks include liaising with ARC, helping with events and workshops and other admin tasks.

Q: What has been your favourite moment in 180DC so far?

I’ve had many memorable moments in both of my roles as Consultant and Secretary at 180DC. Most recently, I worked on a data framework project for a peak body organisation. My team and I were able to deliver a complete solution which included the systems and processes for data collection, storage and visualisation. For me, it is most rewarding to see a client who was impressed with our deliverable and was confident that our work will play a part to change the lives of people they serve.

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