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2019 | A Year in Review with OPs

With 2019 coming to an end, we are very excited for the year ahead with more projects, events and fun. Now lets hear about some of this year's highlights from the operations team!

180DC Internal Roadtrip

Oliver Xu (Design Director)

What makes 180 unqiue?

The 2 reasons that make 180DC unique are its dedicated members and the culture I experience being a part of operations. The quality of work is exhibited by our presentation evenings, client feedback and recently our achievements as the best global branch. It’s inspiring to listen to the work that project leaders and members pour into creating tangible value to the client and communities. The culture and leadership across our leadership team has been an amazing experience for me to learn new skills whether in launching new initiatives in design collateral such as infographics or across new design mediums such as videography. Within our team, its heartwarming to see my team’s initiative and commitment towards the society and I’m incredibly grateful for the friendships I’ve made throughout my time with 180DC.

Lucy Wang (Publications Director)

What was your favourite 180 event?

My favourite 180 event was the roadtrip held during the T1-T2 break! It was our first ever internal roadtrip and we had a lot of fun playing games, cooking themed meals, (and looking at cows). By the end of it all, we became closer to each other and felt more re-energised for the term ahead. This was my favourite event because typically the consulting directors and operations directors don't share the same team meetings, so the roadtrip was a great chance to bond with everyone. Aside from the roadtrip we had many other amazing events throughout the year - a Cruise, a visit to Luna Park and unlimited arcade at Archie Brothers!

Chi Mao (Events & Marketing Director)

What are three things you learnt as a 180 director?

1. Everyone in 180DC, including the directors, are essential for setting the tone and culture of 180. Have fun and enjoy your time in 180!

2. Much early is much better when planning events.

3. Pizza is a great way to encourage and enforce team bonding!

Jay Raval (Sponsorship Director)

What support did you receive as a director?

There is a tremendous amount of support you receive as a director both from your VPO as well as from fellow directors. The perfect example of this support is the Industry Panel Event that I was able to run. Although the event wasn’t schedule on our timeline, it was something I wanted to run for our consultants and our VPO provided a lot of support to me by firstly allowing me to run the event, and then having weekly check-ins with me regarding the planning of the event as well as organising certain aspects of it. Other directors also provided a lot of support by assisting in organising the event, creating name tags and cover photos, and also helping on the day. Operations is really like a family, and everyone, regardless of your portfolio, will happily support you throughout your journey as a director.

Verna Ma (Events & Marketing Director)

Were there any challenges you faced as a director?

Since joining 180 DC, the biggest challenge I faced was learning about the different events 180 holds and learning how to organise them so they can run smoothly. A lot goes on behind the scenes from drafting a run sheet, catering, to talking to other directors to plan events like Induction, Social Impact Pitch Night, and much more. One of the best things about the executive team at 180 DC is the sheer amount of trust and autonomy and at the same time the support from other Directors who have helped me learn the ropes of 180!

Nancy Dinh (Events & Marketing Director)

What did you like the most about your role as a director in 180 ?

The people and the projects really make up the crux of 180DC and being able to offer events to consultants to improve their skills was extremely rewarding as a director. In particular the industry panel events, mentoring sessions and keynote speaker events provided an avenue for consultants to venture more deeply into their interests and future career possibilities. This, as well as social events and pitch nights brought together all teams and iterates the importance of the sense of unison 180DC has as family in achieving the same goal of creating social impact. Facilitating this and working with such a driven and amazing team is the most rewarding aspect of being a director.

Nelson Yin (Design Director)

What was the most enjoyable design work you did as a director?

The most enjoyable design project I worked on as one of the 180 degrees design directors was the Consultant Catchup video series I launched this year. 180 really gave me the freedom to experiment this year and the video series that I filmed utilised a documentary style that followed the journey of a team of consultants as they worked together with their allocated client, Kua. The project let me meet amazing people from both teams and was both a great learning experience that really let me scratch that creative itch as I never filmed that kind of video before. The overall experience really speaks wonders about how great the operation team at 180 is, letting media creatives like me step outside my comfort zone which led me to producing some of my favourite content yet!

Taylor Lam (Design Director)

What do you like the most about 180?

180DC has provided me with an unforgettable experience in 2019 for many reasons. I was given the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills including design, project management and running large social events including our annual cruise! 180’s flexible and supportive environment has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and try out new roles. The team has become my second family, and I look forward to seeing them at meetings every week - whilst eating pizza of course! Being a part of this diverse network has allowed me to become more confident to share and contribute my ideas.

Nicky Li (HR Director)

What advice do you have for students looking to join the operations team?

My piece of advice is that if there is a particular role you are interested in, but you’ve only had a small taste of it before, don’t let this stop you from applying. If you have a desire to make a difference and have a deep fascination with how all 180DC events come into fruition, the Operations Team is a great place to develop, learn and hone your skills. Make sure that you also understand clearly what the role you want to apply for entails and always looking out for new ideas to further grow the Operations Team in 2020!

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