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180DC goes online: An Unforgettable Social Impact Pitch Night - 180DC UNSW

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

180DC’s Social Impact & Pitch Night Awards is often a glamorous event where consultants are able to dress up at the end of their project cycle and celebrate their successes together.

Instead, this year’s Pitch Night was hosted in the comfort of home, as close to 100 project consultants joined in via. Zoom to pitch their work to the team and receive awards for their efforts throughout the term.

Spirits were high at this Project Cycle’s Social Impact Pitch Night as each team pitched their project to the audience.

180DC Consulting Vice-President Adam Stanley said he was “blown away by all the hard work” from the teams and thanked them for all their hard work and effort.

“Our teams have dedicated hundreds of hours working to make everything from financial models to whitepapers,” Stanley said.

“It has been heartwarming to watch all the teams learn and grow throughout this project cycle, both in their abilities to deliver exceptional work and to have fun working together as tight-knit and effective groups.”

Operations Vice-President Nicky Li said that the move online “pushed us to think outside of the box and consider the user experience of the event for our online participants”.

The 180DC Events Team faced the challenge of facilitating an online event with nearly 100 people in attendance.

“There were many logistical challenges that we did not anticipate, such as considering an efficient system to allocate our consultants into different presentation streams quickly and creating a marking system for judges to provide digital feedback.”

“To overcome these challenges, it came down to ensuring that a clear and detailed schedule was mapped for every stage of the event down to the minutes and performing trial runs during team meetings to test all Zoom features and the online experience”.

Katherine Bui, a Returning Consultant, praised the event for its structure and that it was “really well done, especially in light of COVID-19”.

“It was a great experience still being able to hear the progress made by other 180DC teams in the last cycle,” Bui said.

Recruitments for Project Cycle 2 are now open. If you would like to become a Project Consultant with 180DC, please follow the link for further details:

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