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Consulting Director Spotlight | Anwesha Pati

Anwesha is a 4th year student studying Marketing and Psychology. As one of the Consulting Directors at 180DC UNSW for 2021, she shares with us what her time at 180DC UNSW has been like over the past 4 years, both within the position of Consulting Director but also her overall experience within the society. She also shares her advice to those seeking to join 180DC as a new consultant.

1. Why did you choose to join 180DC UNSW?

The first time I heard about 180DC was at O-Week. It was also the first time someone had explained to me what consulting was and at that stage, my main goal was learning more about the field.

180DC stood out to me because I really wanted to get as much practical experience out of my time at university as possible. I've always been a hands-on learner and I find that project work with clients was a great way to get this exposure into business. I stayed for 4 years because I had learnt so many new skills with each new project I was assigned. It was such a great way to meet such driven and inspiring people.

2. What other roles did you hold within 180DC before becoming a Consulting Director?

I have been involved in the consulting side of 180DC, starting as a Consultant (3 project cycles), Project Leader (2 project cycles) and a Consulting Director (1 project cycle). In this time, I have worked on a huge range of projects including marketing strategy, design thinking and legal systems.

3. Why did you choose to become a Consulting Director?

For me I wanted to help lead others to lead. It’s a very different perspective from previous roles I have held, and I think it was a great way to solidify my learnings from my past projects. It was great to use that expertise to help build other’s skill sets, while also having a high level insight into multiple projects simultaneously.

4. What has been your favourite memory in being part of 180DC?

I have to say, it has got to be a throwback to the pre-COVID in person events. I always really enjoy the pitch nights and getting to know everyone else’s projects and mingling. In terms of project work though, I also find that client meetings are always really insightful and rewarding - each one has taught me so much. Oh! And it was super cool having a chance to visit the Australian Aria headquarters for a client meeting.

5. What advice do you have to those looking to join 180DC as a consultant?

I would say that you should make sure you have a clear reason as to why you want to join. If that’s to learn a bit more about consulting (similar to when I joined!) that's perfectly fine. But taking some time out to think this question through and making sure the type of work as well would align with your values is really helpful. Don’t be afraid to share some of your long term goals (either career goals, or personal) and how this might fit in with social impact work.

Thank you to Anwesha for joining us for this interview! If you are interested in getting involved with 180DC UNSW, you can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up to date with us.

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