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Explore the world of consulting and finance with Emily Ji | Consultant Spotlight

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Starting off 2022 with a bang, we introduce Emily Ji, an incredibly approachable first-year Commerce (Finance) Co-op student who joined 180DC UNSW as a Project Consultant in PC1 of 2022. Having attended Pymble Ladies’ College, she has a plethora of hobbies and investing insights that will be covered today in our Consultant Spotlight.

Why 180 DC?

I wanted to join 180DC to experience the challenges faced by real-life companies, create social impact, and meet like-minded people. I've also been interested in consulting and wanted to learn more about it. I also believe that 180DC will complement my interest in finance as the analytical skills you learn here are very transferable and I look forwards to applying the concepts I learn at 180DC to my career later in life.

How are you finding your current project cycle with the Seaweed Project?

To briefly go over my project, my team and I are creating a strategy to help our client generate revenue for Climate Foundation. I’m loving the experience right now. My team is awesome even though we’ve only met up online due to the pandemic. My project leader is Xavier who I’ve known from before as we both study finance at UNSW. And overall, everyone seems super fun and nice so I would say that I am really enjoying my current project cycle.

What do you like to do in your spare time outside of university and your project cycle?

Outside of university, I try to immerse myself in as many activities as possible. I would say that one of my main interests is watching Formula 1 Racing (Team Red Bull). Back in high school, I would stay up to watch all the races live, which was tough because I would stay till 4 am due to the time-zone difference. I’ve also been up to date with the preseason testing, and I’ve got to say that Mercedes has a very unique side pod so it will be interesting to see how that works out later in the season. McLaren will also be quite interesting because the relationship between Ricciardo and Norris seems to be very positive.

Another hobby of mine is Volleyball. I used to watch my brother play when I was younger, so I decided to give it a go myself. I signed up for the school team before progressing to the club level and I haven’t looked back since. These days I only play casually with friends 2-3 times a week. The competitions are on Saturdays, and I recently signed up for the UNSW social competition with my friends.

I’m also quite an active investor myself so I’m looking forwards to seeing where that takes me.

Any investing tips?

LNG. It’s the future. Get on it.

Thank you to Emily for joining us for this article! If you would also like to become a project consultant with us, you can also keep updated with 180DC UNSW on our Facebook and LinkedIn.

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