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From Student to Consultant with Anish - Ep 2

This episode of The 180 Pod features Anish, a former 180DC member and current business analyst at Kearney. The episode discusses Anish's journey from a student consultant to a professional in the consulting industry, focusing on the skills gained, memorable projects, and the transition from student consulting to professional roles. The podcast also covers advice for students considering joining consulting organizations like 180 Degrees Consulting.

Key Takeaways

  • Anish joined 180 Degrees Consulting in 2019, where he developed key skills and participated in impactful projects, particularly in the non-profit sector.

  • During his time at 180, Anish worked on a project that addressed teacher attrition in Australia, leading to the implementation of support initiatives such as awards nights and mentoring circles.

  • Anish emphasizes the importance of detailing the structure, specific work, and impact of projects when discussing 180 consulting experiences in job interviews.

  • He highlights a project where they developed a grant identification framework for a non-profit, which significantly helped the organization secure funding.

  • Anish faced challenges in revising an operating model for an education non-profit but overcame these with guidance from a consulting director and leveraging past project insights.

  • Advice for students joining 180 Degrees Consulting includes having genuine reasons for joining and setting clear goals to maximize the learning and impact from the experience.

  • Anish notes the similarities in project structure and tools used between 180 Degrees Consulting and the professional consulting industry, though the latter is more intense and technical.

  • Kearney, where Anish currently works, offers comprehensive training programs that cover fundamental consulting tools, technical skills, and specialized topics like AI.

  • The skills acquired in consulting, such as problem-solving and technical analysis, are transferable and beneficial across various industries.

  • Staying connected with 180 Degrees Consulting as an alumni can involve judging events, mentoring current students, and participating in global leadership teams

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