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Marketing Director Spotlight | Hillary Tran - 180DC UNSW

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hillary Tran is a third year Commerce (Information Systems) / Media (PR & Advertising) student. As one of our Marketing Directors, Hillary is responsible for creative content creation and strategic development. This involves creating graphics and cover photos for events, and brainstorming larger marketing campaigns to execute throughout the project cycle. If you're eager to learn more about her story with 180DC, check out the following Q&A below!

1. Why did you join 180DC as a Marketing Director?

I joined 180DC because I'm really passionate about making a real social impact. 180DC has a community of hardworking and talented individuals who continuously strive to make a real difference. Moreover, the opportunity as Marketing Director gave me the ability to make a real change in a different way – a way that allows me to challenge myself creatively and analytically and to work towards my passion for marketing while also making a difference in the community.

2. Do you ever find yourself integrating your commerce or media degree into your work as Marketing Director?

I definitely find that both Commerce and Media play a role in my work. As an Information Systems major, I have been able to apply the design thinking and analytics processes that I have learnt from my studies to better understand the audience that I am targeting and to generate content and run initiatives that generates better engagement. This complements my studies in Media as I have been able to apply creativity throughout 180DC work, as this is developed through the practical components within media, where we develop marketing campaigns for hypothetical organisations.

3. To what extent has the role of Marketing Director been shaped as a result of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has meant that we have not been able to get any footage or photos from events that we could use to create videos or make posts. However, this has helped shape the role by further pushing us to be more creative and to leverage the online experiences in different ways so that we can continue to connect with our audience. Furthermore, while we haven't been able to meet up in real life as much and to bond as co-directors, the online experience has allowed us to bond in other ways. For example, we're currently doing the Steps challenge together and sharing exercise routines with each other!

4. What has been your most memorable experience as Marketing Director?

The most memorable experience was definitely when we had all just become directors and went out to eat lunch in the city. I went in very worried because I felt so out of my depth as everyone in 180DC seems so smart and successful, however, when I met everyone, I realised how grounded and sweet everyone was. We had such a good time getting to know each other and it made me feel like I fit right in, which made me super excited to start my tenure as Marketing Director.

5. Do you have any words of wisdom for any incoming Marketing Directors for 2021?

You get what you put in and I think 180DC is a rare opportunity where you truly have the freedom to do what you’re passionate about so you should truly continue to push yourself! Also, don’t be afraid to experiment because everyone is so supportive so I would highly encourage you to try new initiatives and maybe do something that frightens you a little bit – you never know where it could take you!

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