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Why you should apply for 180DC UNSW | PC1 2021

With recruitment open for Project Cycle 1, there has never been a better time to apply to become a consultant with us at 180DC. Whether you are a first year looking at what societies to join or a final year student looking for one last university experience, here’s why you should apply for 180DC in 2021:

1. Create tangible social impact whilst at university

Joining 180DC allows you to directly create social impact whilst at university. By joining the world’s largest student consultancy for non-profits, you will be able to work on solving real challenges faced by these organisations.

At the UNSW branch, our consultants have worked hard in the past with non-profits such as the Community Legal Centres NSW, Childfund Australia and the Country Education Foundation of Australia. If you are passionate about creating social impact and making a practical difference to these organisations, we strongly encourage you to apply.

2. Gain hands on experience in consulting

Whether you are seeking to gain an understanding of what consulting is about or are eager to apply your existing knowledge in a real world context, 180DC is the perfect place to build your consulting skills. We offer a hands on experience to consulting by allowing you to work with real organisations, compared to case competitions which are often hypothetical and one off.

Afraid you don’t have enough experience to join? Not to worry! 180DC supports both first time and seasoned consultants through detailed training workshops, our industry mentor program which features companies such as McKinsey and Bain and of course, your project leader and team who will also be there to help throughout the project. As you build your consulting skills with us, these opportunities also allow you to build a high-quality professional network.

3. Welcome to all students, regardless of their degree or year

Though consulting can seem exclusive to those who are studying business, 180DC is welcoming to all students. Past consultants who have worked within 180DC have been from every faculty outside of the Business School. You do not need to have prior knowledge of consulting to join, as long as you are willing to learn and have a passion for using problem solving to create social impact for non-profits.

To see how 180 DC can be of interest to you regardless of your faculty, please see other entries from our blog to read how past consultants from faculties such as Medicine and STEM have found 180DC relevant to the skills learned in their degree.

4. Supportive and welcoming community

Though the nature of 180 DC’s work can make its environment sound formal, the community at 180DC is incredibly welcoming and there are many opportunities to get to know the consultants within the society with several social events throughout the year. Most people who join 180 DC also stay on for several project cycles, allowing you to make friends that will last throughout university and beyond. Look no further than 180DC if you want to befriend a community of people passionate about social impact.

5. Try different roles within the society

Apart from being a project consultant, there is a chance to take on further responsibility as a Project Leader or a Consulting Director. There is also a chance to create social impact by improving how 180 DC is run and delivered by working on our operations, knowledge management or executive team.

To see what such roles could involve, please see the spotlights we have on our blog and keep an eye out on our Facebook later in the year for these types of opportunities!

Join 180DC UNSW in 2021!

Recruitment for Project Cycle 1 is now open! If you are interested in joining us as a consultant in PC1, please apply through checking out our recruitment event on Facebook. Applications close on Wednesday the 24th of February at 11:59PM so don’t miss out!

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